Aminorex produces stimulus effects similar to amphetamine and unlike those of fenfluramine

by Young R
Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Medical College of Virginia,

Virginia Commonwealth University,
Richmond 23298-0540.
Pharmacol Biochem Behav 1992 May; 42(1):175-8


A 4-methyl derivative of aminorex has recently appeared on the clandestine market as a designer drug. In the present study, the stimulus effects of aminorex itself were evaluated in rats trained to discriminate either 0.75 mg/kg S(+)-amphetamine or 1.5 mg/kg fenfluramine from saline. The amphetamine stimulus (ED50 = 0.14 mg/kg) generalized to aminorex (ED50 = 0.23 mg/kg), which was found to be slightly less potent than (+)-amphetamine. Fenfluramine stimulus generalization did not occur to aminorex. Thus, the stimulus effects of aminorex are qualitatively similar to those of amphetamine and unlike those of fenfluramine.