Fenetylline: therapeutic use, misuse and/or abuse

by Kristen G, Schaefer A, von Schlichtegroll A
Drug Alcohol Depend. 1986 Jun;17(2-3):259-71


Fenetylline (CAPTAGON) is included in a list of compounds to be considered by a World Health Organization (WHO) Expert Committee in April 1985 for possible international scheduling under the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, 1971. For over 23 years, this central stimulant has been used therapeutically in hyperkinetic children and other indications in place of amphetamines and other central stimulants with higher risk levels. In good correspondence with recent animal data fenetylline also shows significant qualitative and quantitative differences compared to amphetamine in man. It has few adverse side effects, a lower abuse potential and little actual abuse compared to amphetamine. Thus its benefit/risk assessment is substantially more favourable than that of other central stimulants. For proper therapeutic use of the substance, prescription status is or should be required by national authorities.