How Adderall Abuse Can Turn into Adderall Addiction during the Holidays

Prescription stimulant medications work well as treatments for certain conditions, such as ADHD and narcolepsy, but can wreak havoc on a person’s brain and body when used for recreational purposes. Much like other prescription stimulants, Adderall produces many of the same effects as cocaine in the absence of ADHD or narcolepsy. Likewise, Adderall abuse can cause extensive damage to the brain and body.

Someone struggling with Adderall abuse during the holidays has to contend with the pressures and obligations of the holiday season like anybody else, which only works to make an addiction problem worse. Stimulant drugs in general exert a tremendous pull over the brain’s chemical make-up, eventually disrupting normal chemical processes. With the added stress of the holidays to deal with, Adderall abuse can quickly turn into Adderall addiction without a person’s even knowing it.

Adderall Abuse Risks

Prescription stimulant drugs carry a high potential for abuse and addiction simply because of the way they attack the brain’s chemical system. These effects account for the feelings of increased energy, confidence and euphoria Adderall produces. While Adderall does produce effects similar to cocaine, Adderall effects can last up to three times longer than cocaine’s, during which time the brain undergoes drastic chemical changes.

According to the Harvard Crimson, the feelings of confidence this drug causes can be delusional in effect, making users think they’re doing better than they really are. Once Adderall wears off, users experience considerable emotional turmoil, exhaustion and sometimes rage. These effects only encourage continued drug use, which marks the beginnings of the Adderall abuse cycle.

Holiday Effects

holiday adderall addiction

The added stress of the holidays can lead to Adderall abuse.

With all the celebrations and parties on hand during the holiday season, these events no doubt offer up opportunities for abusing Adderall. After a day of work, gift shopping and holiday preparations, it can be easy to pop a pill here and there for the occasional boost. Add nighttime festivities to this schedule, and your Adderall intake rate can increase considerably during the course of a two-month holiday season. These developments set the stage for Adderall addiction to take hold once brain chemical imbalances reach a certain point.

Tolerance Level Changes

More than anything else, Adderall’s abuse/addiction potential develops out of the brain’s rapidly increasing tolerance for the drug’s effects. According to the Journal of Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience, Adderall abuse deteriorates chemical-producing cells in the brain making them less responsive to the drug’s effects. In the process, users must keep increasing dosage amounts to experience the desired effects of the drug. These interactions become the driving force that turns an Adderall abuse problem into a full-blown Adderall addiction within a short period of time.

When to Consider Adderall Addiction Treatment

Adderall addiction essentially “rewires” a person’s psychological make-up to the point where his or her thoughts, emotions, behaviors and priorities center on getting and using the drug. At this point, meeting the brain’s constant demand for more of the drug take top priority as the holiday season quickly fades into a distant background.

If you or someone you know struggles with Adderall abuse or addiction, the sooner you get needed treatment help the better your chances of a successful recovery. If you have any further questions about Adderall abuse or wish to locate treatment programs in your area, please feel free to call our toll-free helpline at 800-768-8728 for more information.