Free Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Options

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Options Available

If a person is researching rehabs and addiction treatment programs and realizes that they cannot afford amphetamine addiction treatment, they have other options to consider.

One of the best sources of rehab for people who cannot afford treatment is sliding scale rehabs. There are a multitude of rehabs available that offer people complete treatment for their drug addictions by basing their fees on their current income. Sliding scale rehabs can be just as nice as any other rehab and offer people all of the resources and necessities that they need to come clean from drug addiction, such as amphetamines. Sometimes sliding scale rehabs will cost a person close to nothing to join and can be a much better option than free rehabs.

Another choice a person can consider is getting help for their amphetamine addiction from a free drug rehab. Free drug rehabs are typically created and run by charities and although they may not have all of resources that other rehabs offer, they will help a person detox from amphetamines. One of the more complicated aspects of free drug rehabs is that they are usually extremely full and a person may not get the support and one on one attention that they may need to help them overcome their addiction. All of the doctors and counselors at a free rehab will have an abundance of patients to attend to at one time, causing them to only be able to provide limited amounts of attention and their time to each patient.

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If you think you are unable to afford treatment it is important to know that free addiction treatment is available!

Another choice a person should consider is in regards to their health insurance, if they have any. Sometimes health insurance companies will cover the entire cost or a portion for the cost for a drug rehab. If a person finds a rehab that they wish to go to and they have health insurance, they should call their provider and ask them if they will cover any of the cost for their admission.

Amphetamine addiction treatment is necessary for people when they stop using the powerful stimulant because the withdrawal symptoms of the drug can cause a person to have psychological breakdowns causing them to act irrational, as well as deal with physical withdrawals such as, headaches, muscle aches, vomiting, increased appetite, uncontrollable shaking and diarrhea.

According to the Center for Drug Abuse Research, chronic abuse of amphetamine can cause people to have violent and erratic behavior, as well as a psychosis that is similar to schizophrenia.

Although free amphetamine addiction treatment may not be as good as other treatment options, it is better than a person trying to detox on their own or not detoxing at all. Amphetamine addiction will eventually destroy a person’s life if not treated.