How Do I Tell My Parents I Need Amphetamine Addiction Help?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Amphetamine is gaining popularity with college students across the nation.” College students––especially those enrolled full-time––abuse these drugs at much higher rates than any other age group, and it is of particular concern to private campuses and the students who attend them. Even if you are not a college student, it can be difficult to explain to your parents that you have been abusing amphetamines and are struggling with addiction, but many individuals in their first years away from home experience these issues.

Below are some tips to help you have a productive conversation about your need to seek treatment with your parents.

Be Honest

mother consoles her troubled teen

Be honest about why you abuse amphetamines so your parents can get you the appropriate help.

This is an incredibly important part of having the talk about your treatment needs with your parents. This probably isn’t a conversation you necessarily want to have, and because of the delicate nature of the issue, you may tend to leave certain important pieces of information out. Your parents may ask questions, though, about why you started abusing amphetamines in the first place, from where you obtained them, and how long you have been abusing them. Being honest will show them you are serious about getting help and that you truly will work hard to change your situation.

Be Prepared for Their Feelings––But Don’t Allow Them to Define You

Your parents will likely have their own feelings about your situation, and it is important to prepare yourself for this. While there are likely to be certain issues you disagree on or that can be extremely difficult for you both to discuss, knowing this going in can help you keep a level head. Your parents may even get angry and say things that upset you. You can try to work through these feelings together, but if someone––anyone––criticizes or attacks you to a point where you feel threatened, you have every right to walk away.

Have a Plan in Motion

There are many options you can encounter for addiction help on your college campus that are both low-cost and effective for individuals in your situation. It can help you immensely to learn about some of these programs and to see what they offer before you decide to talk to your parents. You can also find a treatment program in your area that fits your specific needs and budget so you can show them you already have a plan for your recovery.

Seek Addiction Treatment Now

You can make a change and begin addiction treatment for amphetamines. It isn’t always easy to talk to your loved ones about your struggle with substance abuse, but taking this step will help you on your road to recovery. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, recovery is “supported by peers, friends, and family members” and is much stronger when an individual is able to gain this support.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction and in need of help, call 800-816-1059(Who Answers?) now to learn about the available addiction treatment options near you. Get started on your recovery journey today.