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Recovering addict seeks help from a therapist

Cocaine or Amphetamines: Which Recovery Program is More Difficult?

Rehab is never easy, but it can be particularly difficult to work through stimulant addiction. Some may wonder though: is it harder to recover from amphetamine or cocaine abuse?...

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Woman projects her anger on her spouse

What is Projection and How does it Affect Your Recovery Efforts?

Projection is a popular topic among the media today in regards to addiction recovery. In most cases, projection can be used as coping methods, which can be productive for...

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three friends hiking at sunset

Avoiding Relapse: Tips For Taking Your Mind Off Cravings

A large part of amphetamine addiction and subsequent treatment concerns relapses. The NIDA defines addiction as a chronic disease, meaning that it is highly prone to relapses, sometimes years...

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mother consoles her troubled teen

How Do I Tell My Parents I Need Amphetamine Addiction Help?

According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Amphetamine is gaining popularity with college students across the nation.” College students––especially those enrolled full-time––abuse these drugs at much higher rates than...

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Can Meditation Help Me in Amphetamine Addiction Treatment?

Meditation can be a possible alternative treatment option for individuals addicted to amphetamines. Because every patient is different and their treatment should be based on their specific needs, certain...

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Workplace Drug Addiction and Your Responsibility

If you or a coworker are struggling with drug addiction, it is important to realize how it can affect the work environment and what you should do about it....

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