Is Amphetamine Addiction Serious Enough to Warrant Inpatient Care?

Stimulants can often cause addiction syndromes that are serious enough to warrant inpatient care. According to the Better Health Channel, “Long-term amphetamine misuse can damage the brain and may lead to psychosis, malnutrition, and violent behavior.” When someone is in a state this severe, inpatient care may absolutely be necessary to their full and safe recovery.

How Can Inpatient Care Help Amphetamine Addicts?

Inpatient treatment offers a range of options to patients, and although it is often more expensive than outpatient treatment, it is necessary in some instances for the patient to begin to heal. Not only does this option allow patients to stay at the center for a prolonged period of time in their own rooms (sometimes with a roommate), the centers that provide this treatment also have hospital accommodations for those who need it, supplying patients with safe medical care for their most serious conditions.

As stated by the Center for Substance Abuse Research, amphetamine addiction can cause many issues that require professional medical care, including:

Amphetamine Addiction Serious

Amphetamine addiction can cause weakness and exhaustion.

  • Malnutrition and serious weight loss
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Convulsions
  • Ulcers
  • Mental illness
  • Skin disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Breathing problems
  • Weakness and exhaustion
  • Toxic psychosis

The final issue may require 24-hour observation as well as sedation and possibly even the use of restraints. However, any of these effects of long-term amphetamine abuse and addiction can cause a person to need inpatient care. Having a doctor to watch over one’s progress as well as medical treatment readily available is key to recovery for many individuals who experience severe amphetamine abuse issues.

For some as well, inpatient care may be an important choice because the program is controlled and patients are not tempted to return to drug abuse the way they would be if they were attending outpatient care. This kind of controlled environment can help keep many individuals away from the possibility of relapse, especially in the early months of recovery when cravings are extremely severe.

Do I Need Inpatient Care for My Amphetamine Addiction Treatment?

If you have experienced severe effects like those listed above after abusing amphetamines for a long period of time, you may require inpatient treatment. The program is much safer for those who are struggling with many issues associated with their addictions, as well as

  • Mental or mood disorders co-occurring with the addiction itself
  • A weak support system at home
  • A living space that is not conducive to a life of recovery

Severe physical side effects are not the only issues associated with amphetamine abuse, and these are also not the only problems that inpatient care can help solve. If you are considering looking for a treatment option for your amphetamine addiction syndrome, ask yourself if you require serious medical treatment in a 24-hour, controlled facility. If you believe this type of treatment could be helpful to you and the issues you are experiencing, it is likely that this will be the right choice for your needs.


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