What Should I Bring With Me to Stimulant Addiction Rehab?

Finding the right stimulant addiction treatment program is important, and we can help you find the program that will cater to your needs by calling 800-816-1059(Who Answers?). Before you begin to choose your rehab center, though, it can be helpful to know what you can and cannot take with you to the program.

Using Your Best Judgment

Because “drug treatment is intended to help addicted individuals stop compulsive drug seeking and use,” it is important not to take anything to the program that would encourage these actions (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

It is also necessary to make sure that you bring the things to allow you to be comfortable in the facility, as longer treatment stays are contingent with more beneficial outcomes in recovery. Therefore, be as astute and focused as possible when choosing what to take with you to your rehab center. And if you are unsure about anything, you can always ask!

What to Bring to Stimulant Rehab

Inpatient programs offer many comforts to patients, including sleeping accommodations, meals, and a number of other necessities. Still, you will need to bring important essentials from home to your treatment center, such as:

Stimulant Addiction Rehab

You’ll want to make sure to pack comfortable clothes for rehab.

  • At least seven different outfits, including comfortable clothes, workout clothes, and sleep clothes
  • A pair of tennis shoes, comfortable shoes to wear in the facility, and shower shoes
  • A notebook or a journal
  • Cash (no more than $100)
  • Your debit card, credit card, or checkbook
  • Pictures of your friends and family members
  • An alarm clock
  • A list of your friends and families addresses and phone numbers as well as stamps and envelopes to be able to write to them
  • Your doctor and your insurance provider’s phone numbers
  • Puzzles
  • Books and other reading material
  • Personal hygiene materials

When you are thinking of whether or not to bring something, ask yourself if you need it, if you would be upset if it were lost, and if it will help you in your recovery. If you are still unsure, ask.

What Not to Bring to Stimulant Rehab

It goes without saying that one must not bring any medications into treatment unless they have been specifically approved by the treatment center. However, you must also avoid bringing stimulants of any kind to the facility, as any trigger could bring on “intense drug craving,” according to the US Department of Veteran Affairs. This could include any food, drink, or supplement that contains caffeine or another type of stimulant.

You must also avoid bringing:

  • Weapons
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Electronics of any kind
  • Video games
  • Playing cards or other competitive games
  • Sports equipment
  • Clothing or anything else with offensive symbols or slogans
  • Candles
  • Pornography

If you are extremely unsure about whether or not something will disturb the other patients or get you into trouble, it is best not to bring it. Rehab is a time to reflect and recover in a secure environment that should be beneficial to everyone, and this is the most important thing to remember when deciding what to pack for your stimulant addiction treatment program. Call 800-816-1059(Who Answers?) to find facilities that will help you create the recovery you want for your life.