20 Amphetamines Side Effects You Could Experience

As one of the most powerful and addictive drugs on the market, the likelihood of experiencing amphetamine side effects is high for anyone who abuses these drugs on a frequent basis. With continued use, amphetamine side effects become increasingly worse and more intense the longer a person continues to abuse these drugs, according to Semel Institute.

If you or someone you know takes amphetamines on a regular basis, here are 20 amphetamine side effects you may experience –

  1. Increase in Drug Use – over time a person requires increasingly larger doses of amphetamines to produce the desired drug effects, especially when abusing these drugs
  2. Eye Twitching – this amphetamine side effect becomes more and more noticeable with continued drug use
  3. Mood Swings – over time, amphetamines cause brain chemical imbalances to form. Mood swings increase in intensity and frequency the longer a person keeps using.
  4. Strong Drug Cravings – this amphetamine side effects is the first sign of a growing addiction problem
  5. Bingeing – once the brain and body develop a tolerance for amphetamines, users have to ingest incredibly large amounts of the drug to experience the desired high effects
  6. Fatigue – before long, amphetamine abuse drains the body’s energy levels leaving users in a constant state of fatigue

    side effect of Amphetamine abuse

    A common side effect of Amphetamine abuse is fatigue.

  7. Weight Loss – amphetamines all but eliminate a person’s appetite for food. Noticeable weight loss soon becomes apparent with continued drug use
  8. Severe Depression – as brain chemical levels become depleted from continued drug use, symptoms of severe depression start to take over a person’s overall demeanor
  9. Loss of Control Over Drug Use – once brain tolerance levels reach a certain point, this amphetamine side effect leaves users helplessly dependent on amphetamine effects
  10. Break from Reality – with long-term amphetamine abuse, users are at high risk of developing psychotic-like symptoms, also known as amphetamine psychosis
  11. Violent Behavior Displays – amphetamine effects all but eliminate a person’s ability to control his or her impulses, especially when angry
  12. Hallucinations – people experiencing this amphetamine side effect have likely developed a full blown addiction to the drug as considerable brain damage is present
  13. Self-Mutilation – self-mutilation entails cutting or picking at the skin. Hallucinations drive this behavior.
  14. Suicidal Ideations – the ongoing effects of amphetamines result in feelings of severe depression that bring on recurrent thoughts of suicide
  15. Paranoia – as brain chemical imbalances worsen, a person’s reasoning and judgment skews further and further off balance to the point where he or she becomes highly suspicious of others and their intentions
  16. Flat Affect – with continued drug use, emotions in general flattens out leaving users in an emotionless state for much of the time
  17. Delusions – with long-term amphetamine abuse, delusional thinking patterns take root as the cognitive areas of the brain start to deteriorate from the drug’s effects
  18. Disorganized Speech Patterns – an inability to speak in a coherent manner. At this point users start to have difficulty communicating with others.
  19. Relationship Conflicts – once amphetamine addiction sets in, important relationships in a person’s life start to fall by the wayside
  20. Lifestyle Changes – this amphetamine side effect indicates addiction has taken hold. Money problems, problems at work and problems with the law become the norm in a person’s life..