Short-term Amphetamines Effects

Some users of amphetamines think if they try the drug for a short period of time that nothing can happen to them. This is far from the truth, and ignoring the harm it can do to a person’s health, may turn into a regretful mistake. One of the amphetamines effects that can be the most dangerous -is the possible death that can result even from first time use.

Taking amphetamines for the desire to feel energetic and confident or because it increases your attention or alertness, is a temporary positive effect that can lead to the harmful and negative ones. While individual reactions to the drug may differ for users, it is best to know the short-term amphetamines effects that can be harmful to your body and brain.

This is possible even for legally prescribed amphetamine. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, prescription amphetamines are a controlled substance, and can become very addictive.

What Common Short-term Amphetamines Effects Should I Know?

Some of the signs and symptoms that this stimulant drug can produce may not seem dangerous to a user -like the feeling of being alert and energized. It is this misinformation that can lead them into abusing the drug, and they can become addicted to amphetamines. Some common amphetamines effects that can cause problems:

amphetamine abuse

Amphetamines can cause headaches, agitation and more.

  • Agitated and cannot relax
  • Unrealistic feelings of being powerful and superior
  • Becoming aggressive and show hostility
  • It can increase heart rate and blood pressure
  • Experience loss of appetite
  • Mouth feels dry
  • A user can get headaches
  • Vision becomes blurred
  • Rapid breathing
  • Nosebleeds from snorting it
  • Can cause either diarrhea or constipation
  • Jaw clamping and teeth grinding
  • Muscle twitching
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Feelings of paranoia
  • Body feels hot and sweaty
  • Insomnia
  • Become talkative
  • Changes in sexual behavior – increased interest or no interest

These amphetamines effects are limited by an individual user’s experience, and in certain cases, just one dose taken in an extreme amount can lead to a burst of the blood vessels in the brain, a stroke or heart attack, and it can result in death.

What if Someone I Care About is Using Amphetamines?

Talking to your family member or friend about the use of amphetamines is important and can be a life-saving decision you make. Not all users are aware or have been informed thoroughly about the negative results of amphetamines. If they are on prescribed type of amphetamine, it can still be harmful to them. If they are using illegally from a friend or getting it on the streets, then they are abusing the use of amphetamines.

Can Amphetamine Addiction Be possible When Used Short-term?

The amphetamines effects mentioned above can lead into further health problems. A user can become addicted because of the desirable effects it produces. Feelings of being energized and able to complete tasks faster may only serve them momentarily. When the reactions to the drug wears off, they may start to become lethargic and depressed. They want more to feel alert and focused again. This can create a cycle that leads to addiction, and even overdose.

Becoming knowledgeable about amphetamines and the effects it can have on the brain and body, and overall in a person’s life, is the best anyone can do. If you or someone you care about are experiencing any of the effects mentioned above and feel confused, talk to a professional. A professional can further educate you and help you decide if treatment is needed.