5 Signs You Need Adderall Addiction Treatment

Adderall, also known among users as the “study drug” has a very real capacity to help when prescribed and taken correctly. Sadly however, it is increasingly being used illegally by teenagers and college age students to supplement study habits. Adderall was first introduced in the nineties to alleviate symptoms of watershed numbers of diagnosed cases of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

New users, not suffering with the disorders listed above, are taking Adderall in alarming quantities; alarming because of the familial properties shared by Adderall with Methamphetamine and Ecstasy (Properties of Adderall). Fortunately, there is help available if you recognize any of the following signs that you need Adderall addiction treatment.

Adderall, Ecstasy, and Methamphetamine

Recent studies have shown that as many as 34% of second year college students have illegally obtained prescribed drugs like Adderall to assist in their studies and to decrease the stress they feel when under pressure to produce work (Student Use). Unfortunately the side effects can be as deadly as Adderall’s kissing cousins Methamphetamine and Ecstasy. All three drugs act very similarly with the ‘amphetamine’ of each drug causing long-term euphoria, pleasure, and concentration. There are however serious side effects including tachycardia, hypertension (high blood pressure), psychosis, mania, and hallucinations.

Abuse of Non-prescribed stimulants

adderall abuse

If you’re experiencing negative effects from Adderall but cannot stop using you should seek treatment.

Abuse of these stimulants continues to grow among graduate students. In a recent study as many as 10% of graduate students from campuses across the country admit to using Adderall¬†or similar prescribed stimulants to keep up their grades, yet only a small percentage of those who’ve admitted to using Adderall have a valid prescription. Seeking advice is crucial so that you are educated not just about the positive effects of the drug, but the more dangerous side effects rarely discussed by the students handing out the pills . Knowing the five signs you need Adderall addiction treatment is imperative.

Signs You Need Treatment

Here are some signs you need Adderall addiction treatment:

  1. Experiencing severe negative physical reactions (difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, seizures).
  2. Receiving Medication from someone other than a licensed professional (criminal possession of a class II narcotic).
  3. An inability to concentrate and/or experiencing bouts of mania (negative thinking, depression, over-elated, erratic or abnormal behavior).
  4. Taking higher dosages of the medication than has been prescribed (needing more of the drug to create the same euphoric state).
  5. Seeking street forms of the drug such as Chrystal Meth or Ecstasy (looking for less expensive ways to achieve the same result)

Adderall has been effective in helping millions of children overcome difficult obstacles in educational and social settings. What seemed to be an excellent solution for those suffering with ADD, ADHD, and Narcolepsy has now become a panacea for those wishing to maintain their grade point average. It is incumbent upon you, the individual user to know the risks and determine if the five signs you need Adderall addiction treatment apply to you.