What to Look for in an Adderall Addiction Treatment Center

Adderall, a prescription stimulant-type medication, offers an effective treatment for conditions involving narcolepsy, ADHD and extreme cases of obesity. As a stimulant drug, Adderall carries a considerable risk for abuse and addiction. When abused or not taken as prescribed, the risk of addiction increases exponentially.

According to the University of Southern California, the effects of Adderall abuse are not that much different than those associated with cocaine use. Considering cocaine’s powerful addictive properties, people who abuse Adderall on a regular basis may well require Adderall addiction treatment at some point in time.

Adderall addiction treatment programs specialize in helping addicts overcome the damaging effects of the drug on their health and in their lives. Ultimately, Adderall works by altering the brain chemicals that regulate cognitive function and impulse control. An effective Adderall addiction treatment program will offer detox supports as well as a range of interventions that work to undo the harmful psychological effects of the drug.

Adderall Addictions

Adderall¬†exists as one of a handful of prescription amphetamine-based drugs. When used for prescription purposes, Adderall produces a time-release effect that prolongs the drug’s effects over a period of time.

When used for recreational purposes, it’s typically crushed into powder form and snorted, injected or smoked. Doing so delivers the full effects of the drug all at once. This practice only but strengthens Adderall’s addiction potential.

Abuse of Adderall essentially “fries” brain cell structures leaving them unable to produce essential neurotransmitter chemicals on their own. Once addicted, most addicts require the types of interventions available through Adderall addiction treatment programs to fully recover from the damaging effects of the drug.

Detox Supports

While it’s possible to detox from Adderall on one’s own, the withdrawal effects experienced can quickly overwhelm a person’s ability to do so. A good Adderall addiction treatment program will administer medication therapies to help relieve much of the discomfort addicts experience in detox.

For people coming off long-term, chronic addictions, many programs will gradually wean a person off Adderall’s effect while also administering needed medication therapies. A good detox program also offers counseling treatment to help prepare a person for what lies ahead in the recovery process.

Psychosocial Treatment Interventions

Adderall Addiction Treatment

The best Adderall rehab programs offer an individualized treatment approach.

While the physical damage caused by Adderall can be extensive, the psychological effects of the drug often warrant long-term, extensive psychosocial treatment. Psychosocial treatment entails a range of services, some of which include:

  • Group therapy
  • Support group work
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Drug counseling

Any Adderall addiction treatment program worth its salt will offer all of the above interventions as part of its overall program approach.

Aftercare Supports

Even after a person completes an Adderall addiction treatment program, the chances of maintaining abstinence for any length of time are slim without needed aftercare supports in place. Aftercare supports may take the form of:

  • Regular attendance at 12-Step support group meetings
  • Ongoing psychotherapy
  • Getting a sponsor

An Adderall addiction treatment program should be able to provide referrals for ongoing treatment based on each person’s individual needs.