Methods to Distract yourself from Cravings for Amphetamines

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, amphetamines are highly addictive stimulants. So much so, in fact, that even after quitting amphetamine use, users frequently battle cravings for amphetamines for weeks, months, or even years. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to distract yourself and beat the cravings.

Find an Activity that Engages your Mind

Cravings are a mental stimulus, therefore occupying the mind keeps you from focusing on cravings.

Chewing Sugar Free Gum

The act of chewing gum is rhythmic and soothing to many. This provides a distraction from cravings.

Sucking on Hard Candy

Like chewing gum, sucking on a piece of candy can be distracting and soothing.

Replacing the Amphetamine with Eating Something Healthy like Cut Vegetables

Replacement is a common method of addiction treatment. Regularly battling amphetamine cravings by eating healthy foods helps to reduce cravings, and develop healthy eating habits.

Journaling or Writing

Distract yourself from Cravings

Writing down your feelings is not only a great distraction, but also an effective way to cope with cravings.

Writing is one of the best means of expressing emotions, fears, and hopes with no repercussions, which helps beat cravings.

Reading your Favorite Book

Books are one of the best means of escaping reality for a short while. This is a great tool for distracting yourself from amphetamine cravings.

Call and Talk to an Understanding Friend

Sharing your feelings and problems with someone sympathetic can help you beat your cravings.

Exercise such as Swimming

Exercise, such as swimming, improves health, and requires enough focus and action to distract you from cravings.

Taking a Walk

Getting out and moving through different scenery sometimes provides all that is necessary to beat amphetamine cravings.

Socializing with a Pet

Caring for pets is distracting and soothing, which reduces cravings. Pets are also known to reduce blood pressure and feelings of anxiety.

Take up a Simple Hobby

This can be both enjoyable, and distracting. There are many free hobbies available for those who want to engage in them.

Learn a New Skill

This provides a good distraction, and encourages growth and improved mood and self-esteem.

Make a Scrap Book of your Experiences

This lowers the chances of giving in to cravings. It also provides a physical record that you can turn to for motivation to continue amphetamine recovery.


Start Writing a Blog about Your Experiences

Not only can you beat cravings with writing, but by sharing your experiences you can help other people in similar situations.

Pick up a Part Time Job to Keep Busy

Reducing free time keeps you from being able to dwell on cravings. Also, many part time jobs allow flexible hours so you can find one that suits when your cravings are at their worst.

Seek Professional Help when the Cravings get Too Bad

If the amphetamine cravings get too bad for you to distract yourself from them, it is time to get professional help. There are a number of resources available to help you get past cravings, and continue the path to recovery. Call us today at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?), and get the help that you need.