How Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Helps You Recover

Clearly, the primary reason people attend amphetamine addiction treatment is to cease using amphetamines. But, there isn’t a rehab program that can guarantee you will never begin using again. In fact, the chances of relapse are quite high. Therefore, it is important to expand your view of treatment. It isn’t just about getting sober; it will provide you with so much more than that.

In 2015, the following percentages of each age group admitted using methamphetamine in their lifetime:

  • 12 or older: 5.40 percent
  • 12-17: 0.30 percent
  • 18-25: 3.30 percent
  • 26 or older: 6.40 percent

That doesn’t look like a lot of people, but many, if not the majority, of them will become hooked on the drug, given the very addictive nature of it.

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It Helps You to Reestablish Relationships

When an amphetamine addiction is active, getting and using drugs is the primary focus of your life. This causes your relationships to break down. An inability to depend upon you and feelings of mistrust replace formerly loving bonds. And, if you have been manipulative or lied consistently to friends and family in order to continue your addiction, there may be little relationship left to salvage.

When you enter amphetamine addiction treatment, you join in individual, group, and family therapy sessions. The family ones can obviously help reestablish the beginnings of trust once more and improve the overall function of the family dynamic.

Amphetamine Addiction Treatment

You can make lasting friendships in amphetamine rehab.

But, even the group therapy helps you to practice connecting with others and thoughtfully expressing what you are going through. These skills are fundamental to repairing broken connections.

It Helps You to Make Friends

Drug use tends to make your best fiends other users because they don’t stand in the way of your continued amphetamine use. You may remain relatively isolated with only a few casual acquaintances that you buy drugs from or use drugs with. During this time, your ability to relate to other people will deteriorate.

You will be unable to strike up a conversation or maintain one. Socialization will just feel like a chore that keeps you away from using. Further, most addicts feel some level of shame and that also prevents them from connecting with others. You may not have the self-esteem to feel worth knowing.

Amphetamine addiction treatment is a social endeavor. You may share a room with other people and must negotiate that. You will certainly share space with others during meals and group therapy and support group meetings. During these periods, you will listen to other people and contribute your own experiences, and you will learn to make friends once more.

You make some lasting friendships. In rehab, you may feel truly understood for the first time in a long time and you won’t be judged. Your self-worth will increase and you will begin to feel worthwhile again.

It Teaches You to Be Structured

When you are actively addicted, drugs determine the course of your day. They mark the time. You may have periods of extreme wakefulness while using amphetamines and may stay up for days while high. Other times, you may crash and be out for days.

If you are still going to work or school, you may often be late or absent. If you don’t have these obligations, you may spend all your time high. People need their lives to be stable and to maintain a schedule. It ensures you fulfill tasks, like eating enough and sleeping enough, that are vital to your health.

You will be kept very busy in amphetamine rehab. Nearly every part of your day will be scheduled and you will come to appreciate the routine. Further, a lack of downtime also means that you will be too busy to think about drug cravings. They will still be present, but you won’t sit and obsess about them. You will be sleeping each night and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner for the first time in a long time.

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