10 Ways that your addiction to amphetamines is Dangerous

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, amphetamines are one of the more addictive drugs available on the market today. Not only are they addictive, they are often mixed with other drugs that make this worse.

1. Amphetamines are Highly Addictive

Amphetamines are described as one of the most addictive drugs in the world. The reward center they trigger is very difficult to override once it is triggered and the cravings for them that you will feel are almost impossible to deny.

2. They give you a False Sense of Confidence

When you are doing amphetamines, they make you feel confident. Many people describe the feeling of being invincible or feeling like they can do anything. This over confidence is what is dangerous. You take risks that you ordinarily would not.

3. They have serious Health Consequences

While you are high on amphetamines, your heart rate and respiration goes up drastically. Your heart beat might become irregular and it can cause a heart attack or respiratory failure.

amphetamine dangers

Amphetamine abuse can lead to heart attack or respiratory failure.

4. They do Long Term Damage to your Body

Just as they damage your heart while you are on them, they can also do long term damage to your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and other vital organs.

5. They are Illegal and you will get Caught

Most varieties of amphetamines are illegal without a prescription for the specific drug. Amphetamine addiction is well known to law enforcement and you will be caught if you continue to do them illegally.

6. They Cause Financial Issues

When you are addicted, you find yourself spending more and more money on the drug. This rapidly becomes very expensive. Some people even stop paying their rent and bills in order to purchase more of the drug.

7. They can Destroy Your Relationships

Like any addiction, amphetamines take over your life. You start to lie about your amphetamine use or steal from your friends and loved ones to get money to purchase more of the drugs. This rapidly ruins your relationships.

8. You will Need More and More of them To Satisfy the Addiction

One of the problems with addiction is that you build up a tolerance to the drug. You will need more and more of it to satisfy the cravings. This means you will need to spend more money on it in order to keep yourself supplied.

9. They Can Cause you to Lose Your Job

Whether you are late to work or miss work entirely due to your addiction to amphetamines, you will eventually lose your job. One of the hallmark signs of addiction is frequently changing jobs.

10. They can Make you Abusive to Your Friends and Family

Amphetamine addiction makes you aggressive and irritable. This combination might cause you to lose your temper and become physically or mentally abusive to your friends or family.

All of these are reasons not to start using amphetamines but if you do find yourself addicted to them, there is help available. Call us at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?), we can help you beat amphetamine addiction with the proper treatment.