6 Reasons for Amphetamine Addiction

When you discover you are addicted to an amphetamine, the first question you might ask yourself is why. According to the National Library of Medicine, amphetamines are highly addictive drugs that are usually prescribed for complex disorders such as ADHD. Unlike some other drugs, there are some clear reasons for amphetamine addiction.

1. You become Addicted because you are Prescribed Amphetamines

Sometimes when you are prescribed amphetamines, you develop a tolerance. Since doctors are reluctant to increase doses of amphetamines, you might suffer from breakthrough symptoms. So you increase your dosage on your own. When that happens you start to become addicted to amphetamines.

2. You use a Friend’s Prescription to Help you Study or Concentrate

When you use another person’s prescription, the use is completely unregulated. Amphetamines are carefully prescribed by weight and other factors. When you take them while you are not under a doctor’s care it is very easy to start an addiction.

3. You Start Taking them Due to Stress at Work, Home, or School

Reasons for Amphetamine Addiction

Many people take amphetamines to help them study, even though they’re not prescribed to them.

One of the number one causes of drug addiction is stress. When you take something like amphetamines to relieve the stress, your body becomes accustomed to it. Your body starts to need the drug. Once this happens you find yourself experiencing the symptoms of stress when you do not give your body the drug which prompts you to continue to take it.

4. You Start taking them to Improve your Self Confidence

One of the side effects of amphetamines is improved self confidence or overconfidence. When you use a drug like amphetamines to reduce social anxiety and improve your self confidence, you start to become dependent on the drug. Dependence on a drug you are not prescribed usually leads to addiction.

5. You Take them to Stay Awake

Although there are many stimulants on the market, amphetamines are one of the most powerful ones. They give you energy. In today’s stressful world, people do not get enough rest so it is little wonder that they become addicted to a very powerful stimulant.

6. You Start Taking Them to Lose Weight

Many people start taking amphetamines because they cause weight loss. When you take amphetamines to lose weight, particularly when you have an eating disorder, it is easy to build up a tolerance to the drugs. You might think that the more you take, the more weight that you lose. Although this is true, the weight loss is often unhealthy and instead of permanently losing fat, you lose muscle.

One or more of these factors can easily combine to make amphetamine abuse and addiction inevitable. It is important to seek treatment as soon as you suspect you are addicted to avoid the long term effects of amphetamine addiction. To find the addiction treatment that works best for you call us at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?).