Alternative Treatments for ADHD During Ritalin Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction is a difficult path in itself, but when you throw something like ADHD into the mix, what can you do for treating both? Ritalin is commonly used in ADHD treatments, but if an addiction to Ritalin develops, it is important to seek recovery for this addiction, but also continue to find treatment for your ADHD.

More About Ritalin Addiction

This can be an unforeseen issue, as you may question why an addiction could be a problem when Ritalin is prescribed by your doctor. However, even if you do have a prescription for this stimulant, it is still possible to misuse it by taking more than prescribed or in a different manner. This misuse of the drug that was intended to help you may instead lead to harm.

NIDA reports the multiple health concerns that could arise upon use of stimulants as treatment, so it is important to consider alternative options if you experience any of these problems.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction to Ritalin, call 800-768-8728(Who Answers?) to speak with a specialist about your situation and find viable treatment options.

Therapy Alternatives

Ritalin Addiction Recovery

Homeopathy is one therapy alternative for treating ADHD.

Some scientific studies have been done on alternative therapies for treating ADHD, but not as much evidence supports the efficiency of these methods compared to stimulant use. However, should you or a loved one find yourself with a Ritalin addiction, then these alternatives could be the solution for you.

According to NCBI, some of these options include changes in diet, supplements, antioxidants, homeopathy, and various other methods. Some of these alternatives are also known to cause side effects, however, so it is still important to seek medical advice and guidance throughout the whole process.

If any negative side effects do occur, continue to try and find an alternative that works without harming you.

What Are the Limitations?

Despite promising alternatives presenting themselves, many of these options come with limitations in how they can be administered or who can try them. A study reported by NCBI shows that certain treatments, such as an oligoantigenic diet, proves most efficient for children and not as promising for adults with ADHD.

This then presents an issue of how adults with this issue can begin to deal with the problem, if specific treatments are only effective for a younger generation. The one treatment that appears to be more applicable to adults rather than children is laser acupuncture, but this still remains an uncertain means of treatment.

Deciding which treatment option you should use will be between you and an experienced physician, because the efficiency in how certain methods work will depend on your own body’s response to each alternative, so it may end up being a lot of trial and error.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a Ritalin addiction, it is important to take care of that while also exploring alternatives to treat your ADHD. To speak with a specialist who understands and can help with your situation, just call 800-768-8728(Who Answers?) today.