Dangerous Amphetamine Psychosis

Amphetamines are both prescription drugs and dangerous addictive narcotics. These highly addictive stimulants are extremely volatile and have very serious consequences. If you have taken any of the drug information courses you know the majority of what amphetamines can do to your body. Unfortunately, they do not normally talk about something in these courses. This is dangerous amphetamine psychosis.

What is Amphetamine Psychosis?

According to the National Library of Medicine, amphetamine psychosis is a condition that comes from using amphetamines too frequently or in too high quantities. It essentially equals insanity. Most people who experience amphetamine psychosis have been taking amphetamines for a long time. What makes it so dangerous is:

While these are scary, they are not the only dangers of amphetamine psychosis. There are many more that scientists and doctors are currently studying in patients that currently have the disorder. Many doctors do not know how to adequately recognize and treat this disorder. They often mistake it for other disorders.

What are the Symptoms of Amphetamine Psychosis?

Dangerous Amphetamine Psychosis

Paranoia and anxiety are common symptoms of amphetamine psychosis.

Something else that makes amphetamine psychosis so dangerous is its symptoms, which very closely resemble the symptoms of schizophrenic psychosis. These symptoms include:

  • extreme agitation
  • very high energy levels and restlessness
  • hallucinations of sounds, sights, and feelings
  • delusions of persecution, or unrealistic significance
  • inappropriate emotional responses
  • the inability to think clearly or rationally
  • paranoia and anxiety
  • entering a catatonic state, in extreme cases

These symptoms alone are frightening, but when combined with its other dangers the prospect of amphetamine psychosis becomes truly terrifying.

What are the Treatments for Amphetamine Psychosis?

As terrifyingly dangerous as amphetamine psychosis is, it is treatable. A combination of medications and other therapies are what is generally prescribed. Treatments of amphetamine psychosis are:

  • newer anti-psychotic medications such as olanzapine
  • medical care for secondary symptoms such as high blood pressure and increased heart rate
  • benzodiazepines, which decrease the stimulant effect
  • counseling
  • psychotherapy

These treatments have a relatively high success rate, especially if the amphetamine psychosis is diagnosed as early as possible. Unfortunately, this disorder is often mistaken for others which are not controlled by medications and might result in accidental permanent hospitalization.


How to Find Treatment for Amphetamine Psychosis

While the treatments for amphetamine psychosis are typically successful, they are not always. One of the biggest factors in the success of these treatments is administering them early in the development of the psychosis. This makes finding treatment very important. For more information on amphetamine psychosis or to find a treatment center before amphetamine addiction results in psychosis, call us at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?). We can help you find the treatment you need before this dangerous condition becomes a serious problem.