How Amphetamine Addiction Affects Your Liver and Kidneys

Your liver is responsible for breaking down toxins, and your kidneys are responsible for releasing these toxins from your body in the form of waste. When you suffer from amphetamine addiction, you face a higher risk of liver and kidney failure due to the way amphetamines interfere with these organs. Knowing more about the link between amphetamine addiction and liver or kidney failure can motivate you or your loved one to seek addiction treatment and become healthier.

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Here’s a closer look at how amphetamine addiction affects your liver and kidney health.

Liver Problems From Amphetamine Addiction

Your liver breaks down all toxins from everything you put into your body, including amphetamines. Abusing amphetamines can overload your liver, and prevent it from properly breaking down these toxins. As a result, not only do these toxins stay in your body and lead to other health problems, but they increase your risk for serious liver problems.

Liver disease, liver cancer, and liver failure are just some liver problems caused by amphetamine addiction. Fortunately, the liver is the only organ in the human body with the ability to regenerate, as long as 25 percent of your liver tissue remains. This means if your liver has been damaged by amphetamine addiction, you can quit using and start practicing healthy lifestyle habits that support normal, healthy tissue growth.

Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine abuse can cause liver or kidney failure.

Kidney Problems From Amphetamine Addiction

Your kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins from your body and into urine. Some amphetamines lead to a breakdown in muscle tissue, which releases a higher amount of toxins your kidneys are required to process. Just like with the liver, amphetamine use can overload your kidneys and cause serious damage.

Amphetamines can also cause some addicts to retain urine. The pressure of retained urine can put undue stress on your kidneys, and increase the risk for kidney failure and heart attack. Amphetamines also constrict blood vessels and increase your heart rate, which can cut off healthy blood flow to your kidneys.

How Amphetamine Addicts Can Improve Liver and Kidney Health

Overcoming addiction to amphetamines is one of the healthiest ways you can improve your liver and kidney health. Amphetamine detox programs help eliminate and purge amphetamines from your body so you can overcome physical dependence on these substances. The sooner you stop using amphetamines, the sooner you can improve your liver and kidney health.

Many drug rehab centers that treat amphetamine addiction integrate exercise, nutrition counseling, and recreational therapy with addiction treatment. These activities naturally help enhance your overall health, including your liver and kidney health. Drug rehab centers that offer holistic treatments and services may suggest additional therapies aimed at improving your liver and kidney health, such as massage, acupuncture, and IV vitamin therapy.

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