Losing Weight the Dangerous Way

Everyone knows there are healthy ways and dangerous ways to lose weight. Changes to diet, exercise and sometimes surgeries are the healthy ways to lose weight but some want a faster albeit more dangerous alternative. In their desperation, they turn to amphetamines to lose unwanted pounds.

What are Amphetamines?

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, amphetamines are a group of drugs that are central nervous system stimulants. They include:

  • Adderall
  • Dexedrine
  • Dextroamphetamine
  • Ritalin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Fenfluramine
  • Levoamphetamine
  • Dexosyn

Unfortunately, they are all highly addictive and some are extremely dangerous.

What are Amphetamines used for?

amphetamine uses

Doctors sometimes prescribe amphetamines to treat obesity.

There are both legal and illegal uses for amphetamines. These drugs are both useful and harmful depending on how they are taken. Doctors use them to treat:

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Obesity
  • Narcolepsy
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders

Illegally, people use them as:

  • Drugs to improve concentration
  • Performance enhancers
  • For euphoria
  • To increase confidence
  • To fight fatigue
  • To lose weight quickly

Many of the different types of amphetamines have a variety of other illegal and legal uses.

What is Dangerous About using Amphetamines to Lose Weight?

Amphetamines under controlled circumstances are safe. When a doctor supervises the weight loss, they control doses and try to prevent addiction. Most people who lose weight under a doctor’s care do so safely and effectively.

Those who take amphetamines without a doctor’s care often wind up addicted to them. They lose weight too quickly and end up in a dangerous situation. Amphetamines both kill your appetite and then speed up your metabolism. This causes your body to burn fat; unfortunately, it does not stop there.

When you are addicted to amphetamines, you do not stop using them when you reach a healthy body weight for your body structure. Once your body burns through its fat reserves it starts to burn muscle and organ tissue. This causes system failure among other things.


How is Amphetamine Addiction Treated?

Doctors and therapists treat addiction through counseling and detoxification. The counseling portion is particularly important because most people who turn to things like illegal amphetamines to lose weight have an eating disorder of some type. Whether it is body dysmorphic disorder or one of the better known ones such as anorexia or bulimia, amphetamine for weight loss addiction and eating disorders go hand in hand.

Most of the treatment centers for amphetamine addiction also treat disorders such as eating disorders as well as mood disorders and other mental illnesses that are caused by or are the cause of drug addiction.

How to Find Addiction Treatment

To find more information about amphetamine addiction and weight loss, get help today at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?). We can not only help you learn about amphetamine addiction, but also find you an addiction treatment center that caters to your specific needs. You do not need to be a slave to an addiction or an eating disorder. We can help.