Meth Amphetamine Rehabs in South Carolina

Over the past decade, the use of prescription amphetamines for performance enhancing purposes has increased, especially among college students and career-driven individuals. While effective for a while, the cumulative effects of these drugs opens the door for a growing addiction to take root.

As with the rest of the country, individuals and families within the Palmetto State are left to deal with the destruction amphetamine addiction breeds. Thankfully, people looking for amphetamine rehab in South Carolina can find the help they need. There are treatment centers in most major cities, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, and Myrtle Beach.

Programs providing both amphetamine detox in South Carolina and drug addiction treatment in South Carolina equip recovering addicts with the mental tools needed to live drug-free on an ongoing basis.

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Choosing an Amphetamine Detox Center in South Carolina

Amphetamine Detox Centers in South Carolina When it comes time to face the damaging effects of drug abuse, choosing to get needed treatment help can be one of the hardest decisions a person has to make. After so many failed attempts to stop drug use on one’s own, the need for some form of treatment help can no longer be ignored.

According to the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration, amphetamine detox programs specialize in providing the types of medical and emotional supports needed to help you stop using the drug.

How Do I Know IF I Need Amphetamine Addiction Treatment?

Due to how strong these drugs are, amphetamine addictions tend to develop quickly compared to other types of addictive substances. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, someone who needs amphetamine addiction treatment will be unable to perform one or more of the following tasks unless he or she is “high”:

  • Go to work/school
  • Function at work/school
  • Attend social functions
  • Maintain close relationships
  • Feel “normal”

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox

Deciding between inpatient vs. outpatient detox boils down to identifying your treatment needs and matching them with the type of program that fits.

During the early stages of amphetamine abuse, a person can still manage his or her drug use and attend to daily responsibilities. Outpatient treatment offers the level of care needed under these conditions.

Someone battling an addiction problem has loss all control over drug use to the point where he or she doesn’t care about daily responsibilities. These conditions warrant an inpatient treatment approach.

Paying for Treatment

Nowadays, most anyone can qualify for type of assistance when it comes to paying for amphetamine rehab in South Carolina. Employer-based health coverage, self-insured plans and Medicaid are all viable options.

Is Free Detox Available?

In instances where a person is unable to qualify for Medicaid, free detox treatment may be an option depending on where you live. State-run community healthcare and charity-run programs, such as St. Vincent De Paul and the Red Cross may offer free detox program help.

Find an Amphetamine Addiction Treatment Center

Knowing the level of treatment care needed to help you overcome amphetamine addiction is most important when choosing a treatment program. From there, it’s a matter of following through on your desire to get well.

If you need help finding a program that can address your individual treatment needs, we’re here to help. Call our helpline at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?) to get help today.