How is Crystal Meth Addiction Treated?

Crystal meth abuse is extremely dangerous, harmful, and likely to lead to deadly side effects. One should seek treatment immediately in order to recover from and overcome this serious addiction syndrome.

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Immediate Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Often, patients come into treatment in either a state of withdrawal or of overdose. If this is the case, healthcare providers must ensure that the patient is stabilized before they can begin their official addiction rehab.

In an overdose situation, activated charcoal may be given if the individual ingested the drug, as stated by the National Library of Medicine, and symptoms will often be treated as they occur.

If an individual is in withdrawal and severely craving meth, anticraving agents may be given, as well as neuroleptics—a type of medication used to minimize the symptoms of psychosis that are often caused by methamphetamine or other types of stimulant abuse. Once the patient is stable, they can move on to their long-term rehab for addiction.

Behavioral Therapies for Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Crystal Meth Addiction

CBT helps recovering addicts learn new coping skills to replace their drug using behaviors.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states, “The most effective treatments for methamphetamine addiction at this point are behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral and contingency-management interventions.” The Matrix Model has also been proven to be beneficial to many individuals.

These are currently the best options partially because there are no medications currently approved to treat crystal meth addiction.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: CBT is a therapeutic option that helps patients think differently about their drug abuse and learn better behaviors and coping skills in order to avoid further misuse. This option teaches individuals how to recognize and avoid triggers; cope with cravings, stress, and other issues; view their drug abuse in a way that allows them to see its negative effects; and change their thinking and behavioral processes for the better.
  • Contingency management: This option utilizes a reward-based system that allows patients to earn vouchers whenever they attend sessions and pass a drug test. The vouchers are of course in line with sober living and may allow the patient to see a movie, buy groceries, etc.
  • The Matrix Model: According to the NIDA, “Over… 1000 methamphetamine users have been treated with this method.” The Matrix Model utilizes different concepts from many different therapeutic programs, all of which promote abstinence and recovery, as well as a positive relationship between counselor and patient that leads to better treatment lengths.


Is Crystal Meth Treatment Right for Me?

If you have been abusing crystal meth, chances are you require treatment. The drug itself is extremely addictive and dangerous, and once you begin to feel that you have lost control over your drug abuse, you probably already have.

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