Battling Amphetamine Cravings with Distraction Techniques

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, amphetamines are highly addictive stimulants. For people in amphetamine recovery, one of the biggest hurdles they have to face are the cravings. These remnants of addiction are often strong, and can be a continuous problem for the rest of a recovering addict’s life. However, simple distractions are proven to be an effective means of battling amphetamine cravings.

Find a Hobby

There is evidence to suggest that people with hobbies are happier, and more in control oftheir lives. This makes them an excellent distraction.

Learn a New Skill

This not only distracts you, but improves your marketability to employers.


Books are a great way to escape, and provide an excellent distraction.

Play a Game

The concentration necessary to play a game provides just the right distraction for amphetamine cravings.

Take a Walk

Battling Amphetamine Cravings

Walking is a great distraction that also improves your physical health.

Often times, just getting out of the house and strolling through your neighborhood will distract you from your cravings. The change of scenery engages your mind.


This improves your health, repairs some of the ravages of amphetamine use on your body, and provides a distraction.


Swimming is enjoyable, and requires enough focus to distract you when amphetamine cravings strike. Plus, it is good for your health.

Call a Friend

Sometimes talking to someone sympathetic can provide the necessary distraction to avoid amphetamine cravings and relapse.

Go People Watching

The actions and interactions of humans can be highly entertaining, and distracting. Watching people can also help you learn about yourself.

Take an Online Course

Learning something new betters you, and distracts you from thinking about amphetamines. There numerous online courses available, many of them free.

Find Part Time Work

This takes up your time, not allowing you to dwell on cravings. It also gives you extra income to recover from the financial damage of addiction.

Join a Group

Joining a self-help or spiritual group not only provides a distraction, but support for your recovery, as well.

Volunteer for a Rescue

It is well known that caring for animals is soothing, and may distract you from amphetamine cravings.


Volunteer for a Charity

Not only will this distract you, but it is a good way to give back to the community and make amends.

Start a Journal

Sometimes writing about your feelings can help you put your recovery in perspective and beat cravings. Journaling is an extremely therapeutic exercise and you can also use it to keep track of cravings and other issues you are having.

If you Cannot Distract Yourself, Get Help

If you have tried everything that you can think of to distract yourself from amphetamine cravings, and it’s still not working, it is time to get help. There are a number of resources available, including 12-step programs, rehab facilities, and counseling. Do not allow yourself to fall back into the cycle of addiction. Take whatever steps are necessary to continue on the road to recovery and a drug free life. For more information on these programs, call 800-816-1059(Who Answers?). We can help you find the facility you need.