Immediate Treatment for Amphetamine Withdrawal Symptoms

Amphetamine withdrawal can be extremely dangerous, and those who begin going through this syndrome will almost always require immediate medical treatment. It is important to seek help when going through amphetamine or stimulant withdrawal of any kind rather than attempting to do it on your own. Call 800-816-1059(Who Answers?) now to find safe, reliable treatment options for stimulant addiction rehab.

Getting Detox Treatment

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “If stimulants are abused chronically, withdrawal symptoms––including fatigue, depression, and disturbed sleep patterns––can result when a person stops taking them.”

Many users believe they can quit their substance abuse without any medical help (also called going cold turkey), but this can be extremely dangerous with severe psychological symptoms like those listed above.

Therefore, it is important to seek detox treatment right away for your withdrawal symptoms. There, you will be given medications to minimize your cravings and other symptoms as well as attend therapy sessions that will help you transition into addiction treatment.

Withdrawal from amphetamines can be very dangerous because, unlike other substances like heroin or alcohol, there are no physical symptoms to let someone else know how bad they are becoming. Seeking detox treatment is a necessary step, and we can help you find safe, reliable detox programs where you can then transition smoothly into addiction rehab.

Hospital-based Care

Withdrawal Symptoms

Hospitalization may be necessary in certain cases.

Under certain circumstances, you may require hospitalization for your amphetamine withdrawal symptoms. As stated by the US Department of Veteran Affairs, “During high-dose stimulant use, often seen during binge episodes, individuals can experience stimulant-induced psychosis characterized by delusions, paranoid thinking and stereotyped compulsive behavior.” If you begin to experience these symptoms, call 911 immediately and get the treatment you need.

The paranoia, hostility, hallucinations, and delusions experienced during this stimulant-induced psychosis will all be extremely dangerous and can cause a person to hurt themselves or others. It is common for someone in the early stages of withdrawal to experience these issues, and immediate medical care is required.

In the hospital, you will be treated with benzodiazepines or another sedative and placed in a room where you will experience very little stimulation. Once your symptoms begin to subside, you will often be moved to a rehab center and treated for stimulant addiction.

How Long Does Amphetamine Withdrawal Treatment Last?

The initial treatment for amphetamine withdrawal, concerning the use of medications to minimize depression, stimulant-induced psychosis, and cravings and possible therapeutic interventions, will usually last about a week or two. However, the withdrawal symptoms associated with stimulants often last much longer than this brief period, and amphetamine withdrawal treatment will usually continue into the long-term rehab phase. In the beginning, though, controlling the severe symptoms associated with the crash period is the main concern of amphetamine withdrawal treatment.


Seek Amphetamine Abuse Treatment Now

You must never attempt to withdraw from amphetamine dependence on your own because the consequences can be very severe. Call 800-816-1059(Who Answers?) now to find rehab programs that will begin with detox and allow you to also receive the individualized addiction treatment program you require.