Natural Help for Amphetamine Withdrawal

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, amphetamines are a stimulant, which raises all of the body functions. This is a dangerous and often deadly reaction to the drug. Amphetamines are also addictive and cause a withdrawal period that is at the very least unpleasant if not dangerous. There are things that you can do to combat the symptoms of amphetamine withdrawal without turning to the traditionally addictive benzodiazepines that are often prescribed.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

These are two of the main symptoms of amphetamine withdrawal. They are also two of the worst symptoms. Both are debilitating. The increased heart rate and respiration rate can cause serious complications. Some of the more severe side effects of anxiety and panic attacks are damage to the heart and the possibility of a stroke. Fortunately, a few natural remedies help with both of these symptoms.

  • Kava kava – in smaller doses kava can act as a relaxant and is not addictive. It staves off panic attacks and helps deal with long term bouts of sleeplessness and anxiety. It is important to remember that kava in high doses has the same effect as alcohol. If you drink too much of it and drive you can get a DUI just as you would if you drank alcohol.
  • Valerian root – valerian root is a herb that has been used for centuries to control anxiety. Unlike kava or alcohol, it is not normally intoxicating unless someone takes a very large amount. In extreme doses it can be dangerous but the amount you would have to take is so large as to be impractical.
  • Chamomile – this herb is more of a sleep aide than a typical anxiety herb, although it does reduce some of the symptoms of anxiety.


Natural Help for Amphetamine Withdrawal

Kava kava can help reduce the anxiety associated with withdrawal.

Although there is no herbal cures for nightmares there are some who say that listening to soothing sounds before bed or listening to binaural sounds during sleep help remedy this. Binaural sounds are a combination of tones that some say are extremely relaxing. The frequency of binaural sounds are below 1500 hz. This produces relaxation and a meditative state when listened to.


Although many people believe that caffeine is the answer to amphetamine withdrawal fatigue it often does not work. The only thing that truly combats fatigue is rest. With the other herbal remedies in place, you should be able to achieve a restful state despite the other symptoms. Each of the herbs mentioned earlier also promote sleep.

If none of these herbal remedies work, it could be time to seek treatment. Sometimes with severe addiction, stronger medications are needed. This is where medical treatment comes in. Even though herbal remedies are a great way to reduce the symptoms of amphetamine withdrawal, there are times where a treatment center works.

Some treatment centers use a combination of herbal and medical solutions to amphetamine withdrawal. If you want to find one of these centers call us at 800-816-1059(Who Answers?). We can help you find the center that you are looking for.