Is Art Therapy a Possible Treatment Option for Amphetamine Abuse?

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Art Therapy as a Talk Therapy Alternative

Although a person will need to attend some sort of talk therapy program––usually behavioral therapy––during their addiction rehab, art therapy can be used to help those who are not as comfortable talking about themselves transition into this type of treatment. The way in which art allows patients to express themselves can actually ease individuals into the program as well as into the concept of self-expression and sharing so that they can become comfortable enough to begin their talk therapy sessions.

Art Therapy for Adolescent Patients

Art therapy has long been found to be particularly helpful to adolescent patients. It is also important to note that many amphetamine abusers are teens and college-aged individuals who are still transitioning into adulthood. Therefore, this program could be very helpful in treating their addictions, allowing them to express themselves, and creating a more comfortable treatment environment for them.

Art Therapy

Art therapy can improve one’s ability to express themselves.

In addition, the National Institute on Drug Abuse states, “The expressive arts program provides a means of accessing feelings that adolescent clients may otherwise deny, suppress, or lack words to describe.”

Art Therapy for Stimulant-induced Psychosis

Many amphetamine abusers struggle with the after effects of stimulant-induced psychosis, which is a disorder “similar to schizophrenia that can involve paranoia, picking at the skin, and auditory/visual hallucinations” (Center for Substance Abuse Research). Though the symptoms of this disorder usually begin to fade soon after the individual stops abusing amphetamines, the harmful images, thoughts, and actions associated with it may linger in the person’s mind.

Art therapy can allow patients an outlet where they can express these feelings without words. As something traumatizing or upsetting can sometimes be very difficult to talk about, this can make a large difference in the individual’s recovery. In addition, patients can also communicate their issues with comorbid disorders and other traumas they may have experienced through their art.

Could This Treatment Help Me?

According to the Journal of Addictions Nursing, “Art therapy includes an array of activities,” and its merits have been highly documented. If you feel that you may have difficulty expressing yourself while in treatment, this program may be very beneficial to you. However, even those who can attend behavioral therapy and talk easily about their addictions could gain from art therapy, as it will allow them to view their addictions and recoveries in a different way. If you believe this program may be helpful to your needs, it is very likely that it will be.


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