Why Do College Students Abuse Amphetamines?

College students are among the most at risk populations of becoming addicted to and abusing amphetamines. In fact, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Diverted prescription stimulants… are second only to marijuana in their popularity with this age group.” But why do college students abuse amphetamines and other prescription stimulant drugs in such high numbers?

Myths Concerning Amphetamines

As stated by a study in the Journal of Addictive Diseases, “College students are exposed to a great deal of misinformation about nonmedical prescription stimulant use due to the popularity of enticing myths.” These can include myths like:

  • Prescription stimulants are performance enhancers that can make one do better on a test, more focused to write a paper, or more able to participate in a physical activity. In reality, abusing these drugs makes one’s grades suffer more than those who do not abuse them, and the physical and psychological side effects associated with this abuse are extremely dangerous.
  • Taking these drugs will make someone more fun at a party or make it easier to communicate with others. While this may be true at first, prescription stimulants cause the same effects of hostility, paranoia, and aggressive behavior that other stimulants cause when taken in high doses, something many people who take these drugs for their behavioral effects do not realize.
  • This is a behavior one can pick up at the right times, like during exams, and then stop. This attitude actually trivializes the dangers of abusing prescription stimulants and makes people believe addiction isn’t possible, which it is.
  • The abuse of prescription substances isn’t as dangerous as the use of illegal substances; therefore, one should have no serious concerns about taking prescription stimulants for reasons other than prescribed. In truth, a person could die or experience the same side effects associated with illegal stimulant use if they begin to misuse prescription amphetamines.
College Students Abuse Amphetamines

Most college students abuse amphetamines based on the belief that it will enhance their academic performance.

Because of these myths, many college students abuse amphetamines and end up dealing with serious side effects as a result.

College Students and Amphetamines

Prescription amphetamines are also highly available on college campuses. Many students give their ADHD medications to friends while it is also often too easy for a person to be prescribed these drugs when they are of a young age. For all these reasons, college students––and especially those enrolled full-time––are likely to abuse these drugs in high doses to dangerous results.

Many individuals who are in school do not realize the risks of this misuse of prescription amphetamines. They believe that they can stop any time they like, that the positive effects outweigh the negative ones, or that, in many cases, they have no other option to turn to in order to help them succeed. This is untrue, and it is much safer and more likely to lead to positive outcomes when a person avoids amphetamine abuse in college rather than embraces it.

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