10 Reasons to Stop Using Ritalin Today

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Ritalin abuse is rapidly becoming popular among the high school and young adult populations across the country. Not only do they take it to improve concentration but for weight loss and as a performance enhancer. Most people do not realize that there are serious consequences to Ritalin abuse. There are a variety of reasons to stop using them.

1. Brain Damage

Long term Ritalin use damages certain key receptors in the brain by flooding them with neurotransmitters. It essentially overloads them with these chemicals and this causes long term and sometimes permanent damage to them.

2. Crashing

Crashing is coming down off a drug such as Ritalin. Crashing results in extreme depression and fatigue. This extreme depression may cause suicidal thoughts and feelings.

3. Hallucinations

Some people who take Ritalin for an extended period wind up with permanent hallucinations and delusions. These might stop once you stop taking the drug but sometimes they persist for months or years depending on your level of use.

4. Permanent Psychosis

10 Reasons to Stop Using Ritalin Today

Abusing Ritalin can lead to cardiac arrest or heart failure.

Psychosis is a common effect of Ritalin and many other amphetamines because of the damage to the higher brain functions it causes. It is possible for this psychosis to be very dangerous and permanent.

5. Cardiac Damage

Any stimulant has the potential to permanently damage your heart. There are cases of people who take large amounts of Ritalin being subject to heart failure and cardiac arrest. Since Ritalin is essentially an amphetamine, it speeds up many of the bodies functions. This increase is not meant to be sustained.

6. Psychological Issues

Psychosis is not the only mental damage caused by Ritalin. Other psychological issues start to appear during long term use including aggressive behavior and abusive behavior. High levels of Ritalin are implicated in instances of domestic violence and assault cases.

7. Emotional Issues

Depression, anxiety, fearful behavior, and paranoia are all parts of Ritalin addiction. People who take large amounts of Ritalin for an extended time can wind up with mood disorders and other emotional disturbances.

8. Financial Issues

Ritalin, particularly when purchased illegally, is extremely expensive. Coupled with the loss of work or loss of income associated with illegal drug use, financial issues rapidly become a problem when abusing Ritalin.

9. Relationship Issues

As the Ritalin use continues, you become defensive and paranoid around your family and friends. It causes problems within your close relationships. As the drug changes your personality, you find that your previous friends no longer want to be around you.

10. Physical Dependence

Along with physical dependence on Ritalin comes tolerance and cravings. The desire to have the drug becomes so strong that you are unable to resist taking it if you have it, and if you do not you are almost unable to resist acquiring it.

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