Is Home Detox for Amphetamines Safe?

About Amphetamine Detox

Amphetamine detox can be dangerous and will result in a person going through intense psychological withdrawal symptoms. However, the length of the withdrawals symptoms and the intensity of the withdrawals symptoms will depend on the amount of time a person has been abusing amphetamines and if they have developed an addiction to the drug.

If a person has developed an addiction to amphetamines then will continually use the drug because they will have uncontrollable cravings for the drug every time they do not have amphetamines. This can lead to numerous health problems in a user’s life since amphetamines are extremely potent stimulants and they significantly impair a user’s brain chemicals.

When person decides stop using amphetamines after developing an addiction to the drug, they will go through an amphetamine detox which can result in both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms.

According to, during the first three days of amphetamine detox a person will experience extreme fatigue, depression and increased sleep. In addition, during the first ten days of detox a person will commonly experience intense drug cravings and have, mood swings, anxiety, poor concentration, muscle aches, headaches, increased appetite and they may also experience hallucinations. Furthermore, it typically takes up to a month for a person to regain normal sleeping habits again.

detox from amphetamines

The withdrawal symptoms associated with amphetamine detox make it dangerous to undergo without supervision.

It is also important to note that a person may experience extreme psychological withdrawal symptoms from amphetamines for months after they stop using. Because of the intense withdrawal symptoms that occur from an amphetamine detox a person should receive some type of medical and psychological supervision and treatment when they decide to stop using amphetamines.

Is Home Detox for Amphetamines Safe?

Withdrawal symptoms from amphetamines will vary from person to person as they depend on a variety of factors, such as the length of time a person has been using or the amount of amphetamines they have been using.

According to Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centers, users of amphetamine will vary in the severity of their withdrawal symptoms as well as the length of their withdrawal symptoms; this is true even for people who have been abusing the same amount of amphetamines. Some people do it easier than others. The more a person knows about what to expect with amphetamine withdrawal, the better they will cope with withdrawal.

Because the withdrawal symptoms of amphetamines are not consistent with every person, it is in a person’s best interest to not try a detox at home. In addition, amphetamines completely alter a person’s brain chemistry and when a person stops using them, their behavior may be unpredictable, which is another reason why a person should be medically supervised during detox.