Are Amphetamines More Dangerous Than Cocaine?

In some ways, abusing amphetamines can be just as dangerous—or more dangerous—than abusing cocaine. As both are stimulants, they have a number of similar side effects, but some of those associated with amphetamines can be especially harmful when these drugs are abused.

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Psychosis and Amphetamine Abuse

Stimulant-induced psychosis is a common side effect of long-term, high-level stimulant misuse, and it leads to delusions, paranoia, compulsive behavior, violence, homicidal and suicidal thoughts, and hallucinations. According to the US Department of Veteran Affairs, “Psychosis is induced more commonly by amphetamine [and other types of drugs that fall into this class] than by cocaine, perhaps because it is difficult to maintain high chronic levels of cocaine in the body.” Therefore, it can be more dangerous to abuse amphetamines regularly than cocaine.

Because cocaine cannot build up in high levels in the body, it can create problems like psychosis less often. A person would likely have to abuse cocaine much more frequently than amphetamines in order to have the same chance of experiencing psychotic symptoms.

More Dangerous Than Cocaine

Amphetamines are more likely to cause psychosis than cocaine abuse.

It is absolutely necessary, though, that whenever you begin to notice someone showing signs of stimulant-induced psychosis, you help them get treatment immediately, as this can be extremely dangerous to the individual and to others around them.

Amphetamine’s Prescription Status

Amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, and even methamphetamine are all prescription drugs (though the latter also has an illegal form called crystal meth). This can be very dangerous because many individuals who abuse these substances do not realize how harmful they can be, simply because they are prescribed by a doctor.

Some individuals who abuse amphetamines might do so because they have access to the drug through a prescription, and they may start taking it more often to lose weight, stay alert, etc., abusing the true reason for the drug’s use. This is extremely problematic because many individuals who participate in this behavior believe it is safer than using cocaine, which it is not.

Length of Effects

According to the Center for Substance Abuse Research, “Although the physiological experience of using amphetamines and cocaine is almost identical, the effects of amphetamines can last several hours whereas the effects of cocaine generally last less than one hour.” This continues to make the former drug very dangerous because those who do not realize how long the effects might last could potentially act dangerously because of this. In addition, the fact that the drug stays in the person’s system much longer makes binge abuse––something very common among stimulant users––extremely harmful.


Do I Need Treatment for Amphetamine or Cocaine Abuse?

Though amphetamines can potentially cause many harmful issues that may make their abuse more dangerous in the long run than the use of cocaine, anyone who misuses stimulants, illicit or prescription, must seek treatment. Without attending professional rehab, more and more problems will likely occur.

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